1. The growth of Christianity in Africa
One of the most remarkable social developments in the world thus far, is the growth of Christianity in Africa during the last century. Prof Philip Jenkins wrote in his book, “The new face of Christianity”: The growth of membership is enormous, from 10 million Christians in Africa in 1900 to 450 million in 2005 and projected to be more than 800 million in 2045.However, most of these Christians will probably never have the privilege of having a Bible of their own.I have been in the ministry for over 45 years. I worked in establishing churches, missions, running outreach programs and supported many appointed men of God. But I ask myself, how is it possible that I forgot to to leave so many individuals with the True Source of Knowledge and Truth, the Word of God?

The Bible revival campaign (www.biblerevival.org.za) is committed to all those men and women of God, that have been and is still serving in HIS Kingdom, preaching the gospel.

1.a) Select Africa have partnered with the founders of Christian Media Publishing and Christian Media   Bibles to make high quality Bibles, Study Bibles, Children’s Bibles and other Bible parts. These bibles will be translated into multiple languages and will be available to all the Christian Faith communities of South Africa, Africa and the world, at affordable prices. Translations are:

  • NIV English
  • Lingala Old Testament, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Tigrinya New Testament First Printing, Ethiopia
  • Amheric, Ethiopia Orominya Old Testament, Ethiopia
  • Asante Twi Old Testament, Ghana
  • Chewa Old Testament, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  • Efik Old Testament, Nigeria
  • Hausa Old Testament, Nigeria, Ibibio New Testament, Nigeria, Luganda Old Testament,  Uganda
  • Igbo Bible, Nigeria
  • Kiswahili, Kenya, Tanzania
  • Luo Old Testament, Kenya
  • Chichewa Old Testament, Malawi
  • Igbo Bible First Printing, Nigeria
  • Yoruba Bible First Printing, Nigeria
  • Portuguese
  • French

1.b) Select Africa have also partnered with Megavoice, Davar and Renew. They will provide us with audio bibles, which run on solar power and is available in 2200 languages. These bibles are focused to help over 300 million Africans who cannot read.

1.2 We have formed strategic alliances with various churches, missions and ministry partners of all denominations all over the World, to be the choice suppliers of their specific Bible resources and training material. More than ever, South Africa, Africa, Europe and the East need Bibles. Believers are without Bibles.

This product is the most in demand in the world, but sadly is not readily available in most African and Asian countries.

The opportunity is there for everyone to assist in the distribution of Bibles, during their campaigns or mission outreaches. This is an opportunity to become a part of one of the most successful ministry areas on the globe.

2. The most effective way of distributing Bibles is by supporting existing ministries. We also accommodate ministries, by compiling their own personalised ministry Bible. We encourage churches and businessmen to become involved.

  • We directly supply Bibles to ministries at prices lower than wholesale.
  • Bibles can be printed and shipped to locations anywhere globally with our existing logistical services.
  • The opportunity is fully registered to provide the participant with maximum tax benefits.
  • We produce a custom made product for a specific ministry as a “branded” product.