Select Africa has partnered with attorney Meyer de Waal – which aims to assist consumers in their desire of fulfilling their homeownership aspirations. Whether consumers are battling bad credit scores, needing help with their budgets to get themselves bond fit, or if they simply need advice on how to raise their required deposit amounts, Select Money aims to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership.

First-time home buyers and tenants now have the opportunity to buy and own their own homes, thanks to the joint venture of Wynand Odendaal and M de Waal we have a Select Money white label product with all the following features:

  • Select Application
  • Select Budget fitness
  • Select To Buy
  • Select Rent to buy
  • Select bond
  • Select Flisp

“The need in people to have ownership of their future is what we want to make possible” says Odendaal, noting like a new feature on Select Money and Property site which assesses buyers and tenants by performing credit checks on them and presents them with a certificate which they can take to any  Property company to pre-approve their client profile.

The first phase of the programme is exclusive to Select Property clients, with phase two looking to launch to the general market.

De Waal, who started My Bond Fitness in 2008, explains that this partnership is a culmination of almost a decade of hard work and persistence in trying to educate the market and to help people realise their dreams of homeownership. He even managed to rope in heavyweight Chartwell Group to assist in product development, backed by the company’s expertise in homeownership funding and education.

“For Select Africa Properties we developed a homeownership programme that starts with an awareness campaign and then four e-learning modules,” says Odendaal, explaining that once participants “pass” the modules, they are directed to the white-labelled Select My Bond Fitness Journey for a credit and affordability check. “Clients with a negative/bad credit profile are directed for debt repair, and the ones with a good to excellent report are taken through an educational journey towards homeownership.

“This involves Flisp subsidies, rent2buy, how to improve your purchase power, get yourself ready for the home loan application and prequalification, uploading supporting documents and, eventually, find a home to buy.”

Odendaal and De Waal beliefs that  the ultimate goal is to have the largest database of ready, able and educated buyers, and to invite sellers and estate agents to search their listing page for such buyers.

“They will all have a prequalified home loan certificate in hand and sellers/agents can present their properties,”

Happy hunting!