There is an African Proverb that says: “For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”.

There is without a doubt a great need for clean, drinkable and purified water in South Africa and the African continent. There is a large number of obstacles preventing us from reaching people on our less fortunate continents. One such problem is access to water and its purification.

The water project, is one of the three investment strategies and opportunities that one can make for themselves as well as the future of South Africa and poorer continents.

The second project is energy, which is directly linked to compilations of water products becoming available within the Select group. Energy drives water.

The third project is Security.

Water is life giving and high in demand. It is most effective in eradicating poverty and sickness. It provides a range of products and a sound return on investment.

There is more joy as the investor experiences a lucrative outcome on specific based projects, which is measureable in specific projects in communities and households in which the investments are applied. The investor also sees a higher net return on his/her property investment when they purchase products that is of high quality and much more affordable then the competitors.

Sadly, most Africans will most probably never have the privilege to own their own water supply. In South Africa, most water has become so polluted it becomes undrinkable.

The first action a successful missionary has in Africa, is to supply water to a community. That would immediately free the people from having to carry water all day for daily use. The impact of providing water becomes a social phenomenon.


Our Mission is to partner with existing specialists in the water industry, create partnerships with expert companies that develop smart homes and supply contracts with product providers. This process will ensure job creation for project managers, plumbers, electricians, drilling companies and local handy men.

TEAMWORK makes the dream work

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